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This Health & Safety policy applies to Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd and forms our commitment to ongoing excellence in Health & Safety with improvement aspirations in all our activities.


We specialise in Groundworks, Civils and Hard Landscaping in both the Domestic and Commercial Sectors. Success relies on maintaining a healthy and safe place to work. Therefore it is one of Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd highest priorities to provide a safe and healthy place of work for our employees, subcontractors, clients employees and the general public that may be affected by our business activities. In achieving this, Pinnacle Groundworks will meet the requirements of UK health and safety legislation, and relevant industry standards. On top of this, we will be continually seeking accreditation for safe working practices to ensure our health and safety systems are assessed and up to date.

Statement of Intent

Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd requires all Officers, Directors, Managers, Employees and Sub-contractors, and all people with who we do business with, to ensure a high standard of health & safety at work. It is expected that all Directors, Managers, Employees and Sub-contractors show high levels of concern for their own and others safety. It is expected that all Directors, Managers, Employees and Sub-contractors ensure the safety of any equipment they are using, to exercise due care and attention to correct and approved methods of working, and to work within standard codes of practice in their profession.

Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd requires that all applicable health & safety standards are adhered to. It is expected that all statute laws or associated approved codes of practice are adhered to.

Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd will provide professional services where necessary to ensure that:

• all plant and equipment meet appropriate safety standards,

• health & safety training is delivered to its Managers, Employees and Sub Contractors,

• a high concern for health & safety among all employees is encouraged through an active ‘on-site’ consultative process,

• information and advice is provided to maintain and improve safe working practices.


The responsibility for Health and Safety within Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd ultimately rests with myself, Aiden McDonnell, Fergal McDonnell & Michael McDonnell as the directors of the business. We will ensure that we, as a company, have suitable and sufficient management and are adequately resourced to identify and eliminate hazards and reduce the risks to the health and safety of its employees. To achieve this objective, this policy shall be communicated to our employees to ensure works under their control are managed, planned and adequately resourced in line with our management systems. This policy will also be made accessible to all interested parties.

The continuing development of a positive safety culture within Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd depends on the involvement of all employees. In addition, the availability of competent personnel at all levels is critical to safe and healthy working. It is the responsibility of all levels of management to ensure that their personnel are fully competent and trained to work safely, have access to competent health and safety advice, and are consulted and participate on health and safety issues. Our management is also responsible for ensuring the competence and safe working of all subcontractors and agency staff working on Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd contracts.


• Comply to all relevant health and safety legislation including CDM 2015 Regulations, Site Operating Procedure issued by the Construction Leadership Council and UK Government guidance;

• Continued seeking of accreditation to ensure up to date procedures and systems of safety are in place;

• Use hazard identification and risk assessment to ensure the correct controls are in place to prevent injury or ill health through safe systems of work;

• Ensure our employees have the right training, skills, experience and knowledge and develop these skills through the use of a training matrix;

• Encourage open channels of communication and actively promote a positive culture within the workforce;

• Provide safe working environments and suitable welfare facilities for all;

• Ensure our sub-contractors and suppliers are selected and monitored on H&S compliance

• Ensure there are adequate resources to achieve these objectives

• Establish and monitor our targets that allow us to continually improve our performance.


Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd will adopt the following arrangements to ensure that all Directors, Managers, Employees and Sub-contractors fulfil their responsibilities and provide the foundation for securing the health & safety of all involved with Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd. In addition, health & safety progress will be reviewed yearly, or as the need arises, by the Directors of the business to see what can be improved.

• Set Health & Safety Objectives Each Year – To be reviewed and acted upon yearly by the Directors and Managers of Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd. Where necessary, improvements to health & safety will be identified and included within the new objectives for the following year. Progress of objectives will be reviewed annually by the Directors and Managers or Pinnacle Groundworks.

• Provision of an Effective Health & Safety Training Plan – In line with the training matrix for the organisation, each year a development plan for all those involved with Pinnacle Groundworks will be made for that years ongoing training and development. This will be reviewed annually or where necessary, by Pinnacle Groundworks Management.

• Provision of an Effective Consultation Process – Each site will have weekly toolbox talks carried out, at which point any health & safety concerns will be brought up regarding the particular site or for the company as a whole. This will be assessed by Management to mitigate any health & safety concerns where necessary. This will also be reviewed as part of the yearly objectives setting. All concerns should be raised with managers or directors. This can also be done in person, over the phone or by email.

• Specialist Advice or Support – Any health & safety advice can be given by the Management of Pinnacle Groundworks Ltd. If the particular subject matter is not well known to the Management of Pinnacle Groundworks, an external health and safety training provider and advisor can be used to provide the correct advice. In most cases, the external health & safety training provider will be Southern Safety Service Ltd. External bodies, such as HSE, can also be used.

• Establishing of Effective Health & Safety Communication Channels – Including direct communication from an individual to Management/Directors, indirect communication through management to the external safety advisories, site meetings weekly, policy adjustments when made, provision of information on method statements.

• Financial Resources – The management of Pinnacle Groundworks will review the Health & Safety Budget for the financial year as part of budget meetings, and utilise the budget to ensure that objectives are met and adequately funded. The budget will also ensure there is adequate funding for training and ppe requirements.

This policy and associated management systems are to be reviewed annually or following the introduction of new regulations/amendments.

We also hold accreditation's with various bodies such as CHAS, SafeContractor and SMAS to show our ongoing excellence in Health & Safety management. We also maintain our Health & Safety Standards by Adhering to the worlds most recognised Health & Safety Management System -  ISO45001:2018